Sunday, June 28, 2015

Four Wheeling with The Ernests

 We were invited to go four wheeling to Jacob City.  It's up a canyon just east of Stockton.  I was told it was pretty flat and easy. My kind of 4 wheeling.  It turned into more of a "White Knuckle" Ride.  I think I got off 3 times,  and had my 4 wheeler brought down to a "Safer" spot.

 This is steeper than it looks.....And Yes someone went up and back down it.   Wasn't Me!  I'm not much of a risk taker.

 We came across this really cool old cabin.

 With a 'back to nature" toilet.  At least you could see whats coming.

 At the top we saw this bus,  no clue how it got there,  since some of the roads were no wider than my 4 wheeler

The view was awesome,  The scenery was beautiful the entire ride.  Would I go again on this "White Knuckle" ride?......Umm Maybe!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Visiting Aunt Nikki

 Shelly, Erin, and I  went to go visit Aunt Nikki.  Always Fun to see her,  she is doing really good.  She reminds me of my Mom.  We all agreed that we miss Mom very much.  We talked about how much she loved her grandkids,  and how she would have really enjoyed the great-grandkids.  She definitely  left this earth way to early.

Erin Loves their dog Shadow,  when we were getting ready to go,  Shadow went over and put her head in Erin's lap,  it was so cute.  

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tree Competition In Ogden

 We went to the tree Competition in Lester Park up in Ogden,  one of the events was to save this guy (dummy hanging from a rope) in a tree.
 The Judges judged you on how you did it and how fast you did it.  Each event got you closer to the championship round.

 I loved how they hung the American Flag in between the trees, they do that every year.

 This is the Tree that will be used for the final competition.

 It takes awhile to get it set up.  You have to place flags and bells (that the Competitor has to ring) through out the tree.

 One part of the championship Competition,  was to take a piece of wood out of this bucket and throw it down and try and hit a target.

 The target was this tire,  you had three tries,  if the wood bounced out of the tire it didn't count.

 Only 4 Competitors make it to the Championship round,  they get 10 minutes to come and look at the challenge and decide how they will do it.

 First you have to get your rope in the tree,  by throwing it or launching it.

 Then you can start climbing,  using your feet and hands.  (I noticed that you had to have a lot of upper body strength.  These guys would do great on American Ninja!

 It was sometimes difficult to position your self in the tree to ring the bells.

 Finally the Scores are added and the winner announced with an opportunity to go to National  in I think Florida.

I also loved that the Paramedics are on hand,  just in case.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

 Erin got up the other day and wanted to wear her sandals.  I was a little worried because I know they hurt her feet.  The last time she wore them was her High School graduation. She was very stubborn about wanting to wear them,  I think it comes from seeing other people wear theirs.
I put some bandaids on her Heels, because that seems to be where she gets a blister first.  I can't believe she wore them for over 6 hours (most of the day).   I just love this girl.  She looked so Cute wearing "Her Sandals"

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hanging out with Jason

Jason stopped by to take Erin to Lunch and for a ride on Trax,  and then home for a quick game of WII.  The funny thing is she talks about it for days afterwards, like Jason is the only one who takes her anywhere.

Thanks Jason!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Zoo,  The Zoo,  The Zoo!

 Love going to the Zoo,  Jason wanted to take Erin so I tagged along.

 This year the Hogle Zoo has an animated dinosaur exhibit.  So of course we stopped to take pictures.

 We also took the same picture of Jason by the Lion water fountain that we took when he was little. (I think I need to find the picture when he was little and post a side by side.)

 When we got to the Lions,  the Guide told us that the cement they are laying on is heated so on cold days they like to lay there.  This picture makes it look like we were inside the closure with them,  but the window was really, really clean.

 This is the oldest Elephant at the Zoo,  we were told that she has arthritis,  and the Trainers have her do stretches a couple times during the day, to help with her stiffness.  She was more than happy to do them as long as she got a treat from the trainer.

 And of course the Gorilla was asleep in his Hammock. That or just ignoring all of us!

 This little Baby Orangutan was adorable,  and having way to much Fun playing with all the lids.

 The Bears looked like they were shedding their winter coat.  This was the only good picture I could get because they were constantly chasing each other.

 I love the new Tiger Habitat,  much better than when they were in cages.

 But of course the Best part of the Zoo was all the Dinosaurs.

 This Dino behind Erin and Jason Sprayed water on you.  Erin kept saying that Jason was getting her wet!

 Erin Loved the Zoo,  But who wouldn't when you get to ride in a chair the whole time.

A Big Thanks to Jason for Pushing Erin Up & Down & Up & Down all those HILLS!  Can't wait to go again,  but maybe not on a rainy day.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

When it Stops Raining....

 I need to take all these Flowers and....

 Plant them Here and....